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Our advantages


Autoglass® has achieved a superior level of auto glass installation quality. As a subsidiary of the Belron® Group, we use proprietary technologies unavailable to most competitors.


To us the customer’s time is invaluable: there is no need to leave the vehicle with us for the whole day just for a windshield, side or rear window replacement. With quick-setting polyurethane adhesive, the time to safely depart with the repaired vehicle is merely 30 minutes.


Wondering how much your windshield will cost to replace? The Autoglass® pricing policy aims to minimise the customer’s costs. The cost of the glass and installation service is agreed with the customer during preliminary selection of the glass. If there is no suitable glass unit in stock, we order it directly from the manufacturer.


Autoglass® uses only high-quality, certified vehicle glass from OEMs who supply products for automotive manufacturing and the aftermarket spare part segments.

How does it work?

Step by step windshield replacement by Autoglass®


There are several steps to windshield replacement by Autoglass®. First the vehicle is prepared by masking the interior trim with polyethylene covers.


Then we remove the trim strips, weatherstripping, wiper arms, cowl panel and other interior trim parts and components, such as the rear-view mirror, sensors and cameras.


The damaged windshield is removed with a dedicated EZI-WIRE tool.


The windshield opening in the vehicle body is thoroughly cleaned of old glass adhesive residues.


The new windshield is prepared. Before installation, the surfaces to be bonded are activated with a special primer, followed by application of the glue bead.


The windshield is installed using certified fixtures available only to the Autoglass service chain. All removed body and interior parts are re-installed. The installation of a new windshield takes at least 60 minutes.

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What do you benefit from by choosing an Autoglass® service centre?

Autoglass® provides installation services based on high-quality windshields for all vehicle makes and models. Our specialists suggest the best solution according to the nature of the damage, select suitable glass units and schedule an installation date and time with the customer.

If you have windshield damage or comprehensive / no-fault insurance and you are contacting us through your insurer, our service is provided free of charge or against an extra charge, according to your coverage.

If you wish to pay for the service, the installation price depends on your vehicle make and model, parts manufacturers, and trim options (which may include windshield heating, dusk/high-beam sensor and rain sensor wiring). The price is calculated individually.
The windshield installation time by an Autoglass® service centre is 1 hour. The time before the vehicle can be used safely is 30 minutes after windshield installation.



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